The Clairvoyager Society


For my senior thesis project, I chose to create branding & initiation elements for a society for ghost hunters. As a kid and throughout my life, I’ve always had a great, albeit a little odd, interest and belief in ghosts.

When developing a conceptual stylization for this project, I felt the charming and whimsical style that I enjoy designing and illustrating in would contrast greatly with the normal aesthetic generally associated with this subject matter. Ghosts and ghost hunting can typically have a cheesy, uninspired aesthetic more focused on being “creepy” than being pleasing to the eye.

My project puts a new spin on the world of ghost hunting, using quirky illustrations and sophisticated design to bring a new level of authenticity to a generally satirized field.

Deliverables: Logo, Guidebook, Ghosthunting Kit

Design: Illustration, Book Design, Packaging Design, Logo Design

Art Direction: Paul Kepple