Just because we get older, doesn’t mean that we don’t like to play - our interests just shift. For this project, I combined our innate desire for game play with our other natural fascination with drinking. Taking typical games from our childhood, such as “Hopscotch,” “Musical Chairs,” “Duck, Duck, Goose,” etc., I altered the rules to incorporate binge drinking for all of the players. Each separate game acts as a “suit” in the deck of cards, and the cards in each suit hold small additional twists and challenges.

My visual direction for the cards came from the contrasting idea of children games and alcoholic indulgence. I used a bright, almost pastel color palette and child-like clothing on my illustrations of people chugging beer, taking shots, and other forms of partying. This game combines nostalgia and booze in a way you’ve never thought to take it before.

Deliverables: Deck of Cards

Design: Illustration, Card Design

Art Direction: Scott Laserow, Kelly Holohan